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1. What are Personal Documents

- What are Personal Documents
- Marriage Licenses
- Divorce Certificates
- Death Certificates
- Job References
- School Transcripts
- Medical Reports
- Power of Attorney
- Other…

2. The most common types of documents submitted for authentication and legalization include:

- Powers of attorney
- Certificate of free sale
- Certificate of origin
- Certificate of assignment
- Certificate of analysis
- Deeds of assignment
- Birth certificates
- Death certificates
- Certificate of naturalization
- Shipping documents (commercial invoice and certificate of origin)

3. Steps

- Authentication by the Secretary of State (of the state where the document was notarized) - Authentication by the U.S. Department of State
- Consular Legalization by a consulate/embassy (like Embassy of Ethiopia),
- Apostle certification by the U.S. Department of State or the Secretary of state where the document was notarized
- Translation Services
- Provide authentication and legalization of Affidavit of Single Status.